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"Dyslexia, The Gift"


Upon request we can e-mail you a list of individuals who have volunteered to share their experiences with you. We are careful to protect the privacy of our clients. Email us here.

From the mother of a nine year old girl

“I would like to thank you for all your help. It has made a change in (our daughter’s life) and it is a change for the better!”

From a thirteen year old boy

“You should call this the school of fun. I can read better now. I feel better about myself.”

From the mother of a seven year old boy

“Our son is less impulsive. His reading has improved. We understand how he learns now.” 

From the mother of an eleven year old boy

“Most beneficial was that we as parents learned how our son learns and how it is easier for him to visualize if he has created it himself. It has helped us in many aspects of our lives. It has taught us patience and has given our son improved self-esteem; knowing he thinks differently than others, but that he can use this creatively and focus on tasks more readily. The program is not a short term fix. It is a long-term understanding that puts the control into the hands and eyes and mind of the child.
Mary Ann Kettlewell was an incredible facilitator and her patience and sincere interest in assisting our son’s goals and achievements is exceptional. Mary Ann continues with a long term interest in our progress. I would highly recommend the Davis program and would be happy to encourage you if you are considering the program for your child.” 

From the mother of a nine year old boy

“Thank you so much for teaching my nine year old son how to be confident in school and be comfortable reading and writing. Since grade one we have had concerns about our son’s reading and writing abilities but could never find the proper way to help him. He was told he had perceptual difficulties. I.Q. testing was done and he was 2 points below the genius level. We couldn’t figure out how to help him and all the experts did was charge us money and give us no help. At one point we were told our son, who is a very quiet , calm child had ADD. Finding this hard to believe but wanting to help our son any way that we could we tried him on medication which didn’t do anything for him except cause him to not sleep, be moody, have tics and feel “stupid”. My husband and I did not know how we could help this otherwise congenial, sweet tempered little boy. Our son now comes home from school with a smile. He shows me tests where he has received the highest mark in the class. We read together and he doesn’t burst into tears He has trouble with some words but now knows how to look at them and to not be frustrated.
After almost four years of frustration and tears finally there is a solution. Our son is quite confident that he is smart and can figure anything out. He knows how to handle the disorientation and how to put everything back on track. He doesn’t have to be reminded constantly that he can do anything he puts his mind to, he knows.”

From a 29 year old woman who completed the program

“I feel like I can hold my head higher. I feel more confident reading out loud. I wish someone had shown me this sooner.”

From the mother of a seven year old girl

“Mary Ann is a dynamic and interesting person. Her background in nursing brings a unique perspective in her approach with children and their learning difficulties. My daughter felt very at ease with Mary Ann and was very receptive to her and the learning tools she had to offer. I would highly recommend the Davis system with Mary Ann as a facilitator."


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